1983 and 1993 New quiz rounds thanks to Paul Reynolds

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Guess The Year - 1983

Anyway Paul Reynolds said his gang like the ‘Guess the Year’ quiz rounds that also contain news footage/audio, so the latest quiz I’ve uploaded is 1983..

Go and grab a copy…”…News clips, tv ads and chart music clips from this year. Can your contestants work out which year it is. Includes BBC News, last episode of Nationwide, tv ads plus Belle Stars, KC & the Sunshine Band, Kajagoogoo, Men at Work, Frankie Goes to Hollywood and Billy Joel…”

My First Stop for Future Quiz Events

Comment: Feedback: I was organising a Pub Quiz night for the first time and had an idea for a Musical Connections round. I didn’t have the techy know-how of how to construct it, but Rog at mp3quiz.co.uk was brilliant. He provided a bespoke service and also made a couple of suggestions which improved the quality of the ‘Connections’.  I have got the bug and this is my first stop for all future quiz events. Thanks Rog!

Tracey Attmore

Evans Served His Time

(with acknowledgement to Rod Liddle)

WOULD you be happy to pay Ched Evans‘ unemployment benefit for the next 40 years?

Evans is the footballer convicted of raping a very drunk young woman. He’s out now and campaigners want to stop him ever playing football again.

Why? He’s served his time. I thought we were meant to be pleased when ex-cons get decent, paying jobs. Why should Evans be any different? I don’t suppose there’s much else the halfwit could do. Why deprive him of his profession?

Veteran newsreader Michael Buerk is now in trouble because he said that Evans’ victim ‘deserved no credit” because she was so drunk she could barely stand. Cue an immediate apology by the spineless politically correct BBS.

Again. why? Buerk was stating the truth then offering an opinion. Another presenter. Judy Finnigan was forced to apologise for offering her own opinion on the matter last week.

Some issues you are not allowed an opinion, even if it is basic common sense.

Or have we reached the moment where all free speech is determined by the PC classes

..and heaven forbid, if it turns out on appeal that he is innocent!!


Free Downloads (Free Quiz of the Week) FIXED

Apologies to anyone who has been trying to use the Free Quiz of the Week download option

I didn’t realise that the functionality had become broken

It is now fixed, although it will now take you through the payment process but for £0.00

Thanks for visiting and thanks for your patience with this

I am delighted with my music quiz download – it is absolutely perfect …

9th January 2014; Many thanks for the comments from Valerie Jarvis, Malaga, Andalucia (lucky lady):

Hello there

I am delighted with my music quiz download – it is absolutely perfect for the (quite elderly) people who will be attending the quiz night I am organising – it is the last round and I hope they will all get most of the answers right and feel good at the end of the quizzing!

You kindly said you would give me a free download. Can I ask for TV 90s Themes?


Do you have a website for general quiz questions? Although I am pretty much sorted this time, I’m sure I will be doing more quizzes in the future.


Valerie Jarvis

Lovely email

Thanks for the kind words Niiki:

Lovely email and thank you
For your understanding & token of goodwill

 Very much appreciated

 With kind regards



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